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More homeowners than ever are choosing to stay in their own properties because of financial uncertainty in the current economic climate. House extensions increase floor space, provide valuable room additions and increase property value to offer a welcome return on investment. Fry Builders Ltd is a house extension specialist for Basingstoke and the surrounding Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey areas.


James Fry is the principal builder at our family-run building company, located in Bramley.


Here at Fry Builders Ltd, we work closely with your architect to assist in the design and development of drawings. We also work alongside local authorities to help gain planning permission and liaise with building control departments at each stage of development to make sure our house extensions comply with all parts of the current Building Regulations.


Project management is the key to successful service delivery. James and the team at Fry Builders Ltd ensure the building process causes minimal disruption at your Basingstoke or South East property. While this may present a series of challenges on larger house extensions, our ability to manage projects from inception through to completion makes a controlled, organised and tidy workspace both possible and essential.


We believe this to be paramount to a positive service experience.

Extension styles from Fry Builders Ltd include:


  • Rear and Side House Extensions
  • Single-Storey Extensions
  • Double-Storey Extensions
  • Wraparound Extensions
  • Over-Structure Extensions
  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Garage Extensions
  • Conservatories and Orangeries


The type of house extension you choose will determine the need for planning approval. Some extensions fall inside permitted development rights. If the build stays with 2m or more of a boundary and is less than 3m in height, permitted development usually applies. Single-storey extensions shouldn’t encroach further than 3m beyond the original property, or by 4m for a detached home in or around the Basingstoke area.


If you would like to find out more about planning permission and permitted development rights, or if you would like to arrange an initial survey and consultation with our company, please call James on 07835 001664.

image of house extension in basingstoke

Because we support our traditional building and construction services with any supporting plumbing and heating needs you may have through James’s brother, Matt, Fry Builders Ltd can manage all phases of the project. We only use selected and qualified subcontractors for electrical work on house extensions to make sure we stay inside Part P requirements.


We offer a full range of building services to include groundwork, structural alternations, brickwork, blockwork and plastering; something that very few of our competitors in Basingstoke and the South East can do without losing the traditional service approach that comes with choosing a family-owned business.

Contact James on 07835 001664 to discuss house extensions in Basingstoke and all surrounding areas.

image of house extension in basingstoke
Fry Builders Ltd
image of house extension in basingstoke
image of house extension in basingstoke
image of house extension in basingstoke